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TRINITAS T7 coffee roasting machines combine artisan craftsmanship and the latest roasting technology. We continue to test and improve our machines through Caffeol Test Lab and R&D Center.

Technical Features

Roast time
9-12 minutes / average
7kg optimal batch size
Natural / Propane
Hourly Roast Output
Stable Roasting Profile

TRINITAS T7 is designed and engineered to supply a steady amount of heat, allowing a consistent result once the user decides the temperature, quantity of heat and output temperature.

Novustec Trinitas T2
High rate of roasting success

TRINITAS T7 users are guaranteed the hightest quality of coffee. As our machine does its job, you can focus on choosing the right green bean and tasting the result.

Novustec Trinitas T2
Easy to Use

TRINITAS T7 is designed to help you roast coffee easily. Once you decide the type of green beans, input temperature depending on the amount of green beans and input quantity of heat, no additional action will be required.

Novustec Trinitas T2
High Productivity

TRINITAS T7 is equipped with two individual motors to operate a drum and two additional blower motors to support exhaustion and cooling. Four powerful motors enable consecutive batch and generation of 10kg of coffee beans per hour.

Novustec Trinitas T2
Easy Maintenance

Simple yet intuitive design of TRINITAS T7 allows easy discharge of chaff and part cleaning which reduces a chance of machine failure.

Novustec Trinitas T2

Specifications: TRINITAS T7

W:900 (mm), H:1850 (mm), D:1600 (mm) (w/cyclone)
450 (kg)
Electrical Supply
220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption
LNG / LPG (propane)
Gas Consumption
LNG : 26kW (22,000kcal/hour) || LPG : 26kW ( kg/hour)
Profile Software
Artisan Roasting Software / Cropster

Plug & Play : TRINITAS T7 with Cropster

Recently Trinitas established a partnership with Cropster, so it is possible to integrate Cropster in our Trinitas models.

Cropster creates software to help coffee professionals from origin to cafe get the best out of their coffees.

Cropster aims to develop tools that are simple to use and affordable for everyone.

Another goal is to improve workflows related to quality, consistency, planning and traceability at every stage of production.

A detailed description of the cropster can be found through the buttons below.

Installation manual for Trinitas T2 / T7


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