Our Specification

A precise burner system and powerful convection heat 

ensure an excellent clean cup and delicate cup notes

T7 is sufficient for medium size café and, 

small-scale coffee roasting factory              

Recommended capacity [kg]

Green bean capacity Min~Max [kg]

Roasting Time per batch [min]

Hourly Production [kg/h]

Gas consumption [Kcal]

Electricity consumption [W]

Weight [kg]

Types of heat sources

Technical Features

High-end Burner System

Metal Fiber Burner

For a High-Performance Burner System


Complete Combustion

Ensuring a Clean Cup


High Convection Air Rate

With an abundant heat source

Displays real-time airflow

Built-in Air Flow Indicator

For real-time monitoring of air flow rate in the drum


Precise Roasting Profiles

To produce precisely intended results

Precise heat control

Touch Control Panel


Accurately adjusts the heat

of the value in 1% increments

Individual drive systems

Two Motors and Two Exhaust Blowers


Continuous batching without interference is possible

with each motor and exhaust blower

Automatic profile setup

Save 16 auto-profiles


Variables in roasting, such as heat and timing,

can be adjusted to a user-specified profile

Securing well-trained assistants

Area of Space